Bitchy Comments

Bitchy comments are generally made by someone who is having a very bad day. They simply cannot keep their thoughts to themselves and feel that they must let out their emotions. Bitchy comments can also come from someone who is jealous of a particular item or situation that another person is in.

However, it is always best for people to try to keep comments to themselves especially if they are in a mood that could harm another person or hurt someone’s feelings.

If you are someone who frequently has feelings of anger and you feel the need to make bitchy comments towards another individual it could be possible that you might have anger issues. There might be an underlying issue that you simply cannot help. You might want to be a much nicer person however the smallest things could annoy you and get under your skin to the point where you feel like you might explode unless you say bitchy comments.

As a general rule, most people can keep their thoughts to themselves however when this is not the case it is best for one to walk away from the situation. If you find that someone is being unusually aggressive and is making bitchy comments towards you, it is probably a wise decision for you to diffuse the situation by leaving. It is not a good idea to stay and try to talk to the person as they may continue to become more hostile as the situation evolves.

People who make bitchy comments will often calm themselves down over a period of time. Once they have had enough time to think about the things that they said they will more than likely change their mind and want to apologize for any harm that they may have caused. It is always best to try and remember that someone could just be having a bad day and it is hard to determine what might be causing them to lash out so it is best to simply remain calm.

The Art And Utility Of The Bitchy Comment

Had a bad day? Sick of stupid peopleasking you tons of dumb questions? Well whip out witty comebacks with a variety of bitchy comments. These comments are good for all types of situations. They want to know how your day went, well a bitchy comment will solve the repetetive asking of this stupid comment. What does anyone really care about how your day was anyway?

Bitchy comments are also ideal for the inlaws. They want to complain about your cooking, how clean or dirty your house is, and how you treat their precious child? Give them a few choice bitchy comments about their bunions, tea fetishes, and greying hair. That should shut them up just fine.

Bitchy comments also cme in handy for that one person that just cannot shut up. They are always nit picking about every little thing in life. A choice comment about how their mouth is amazingly big, or how you thought they only opened it in the bedroom should shock them into being quiet. Nothing wworks better than a bitchy comment to get them to say,”Well I never”, and then walk off.

If they choose not to walk off, a good retort would be to comment on how sometimes they should. It would also be advantageous to make a comment referring to how you saw them in the alley the other day doing it so I never is a lie. String a line of bitchy comments into one sentence and you will have them running away screaming for sanity.

Bitchy comments work great to keep the boss off your back at work, as long as they are not too offensive. They will chalk it to that time of the month, lack of coffee, or lack of getting it. Bitchy comments are pretty much the end all be all of being bothered by stupid people.

What are Bitchy Comments

Bitchy comments can be painful to the person they are said to as well as family members. Some people will use bitchy comments to make a point and then say they were joking. But either way they can be hurtful to someone that can’t or won’t take a joke.

So, why make bitchy comments? Why not just say what you mean in a nice way? Does using bitchy comments get you anywhere in this world? Do they get you respect? Do they make you friends? The answer to all of these questions is no. Some people just are not happy if they can’t make light of others with bitchy comments.

They think it makes them look and feel superior to others that they are saying this type of comment to. If you can’t say anything nice to someone then don’t say anything at all. We see a lot of these kinds of bitchy comments being used on the social network sites.

There is a lot of the people on these sites there for good reasons. They don’t appreciate being at the mercy of these comments. These comments make you look like you are not really happy with yourself, and so you hide behind these bitchy comments.

The ones making the comments probably have very low self-esteem and use this as a way to express their feelings without actually speaking the truth. Some who use these types of comments may not even realize how bad they hurt some people. Sometimes the comments are made because of jealousy. Some people just get pleasure from being mean to others by using these comments. But, we don’t have to read them, we can delete them if they are on our social network, or not socialize with them in person. Then, maybe they will realize what it takes to be a friend.

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